Short Stories

Welcome to my collection of short stories. Where I remember I will give a rough idea of when it was written, as I've been writing now for close to twenty years.
PARCELS - NEW! - It's tough for a lot of people in the run-up to the festive season
THE HANDMADE AND STAYLE - Doing any job can present problems, but not all problems are the same.
WIDER THAN THE SKYA young man turns away from the city to find his true identity. And he finds it.
AN UNCOMPLICATED LIFE - What can you see that is worse than the horror of war?
DOWN AT CHRISTMAS - There are few things worse than being lost in a blizzard.
THE LOLLIPOP MAN - Understanding the world is hard when you're only nine.
UNRELIABLE - Sometimes we're presented with choices that are no choice at all.
A tale of humanity from the outbreak of the Gulf War.
The perils of the modern relationship minefield.
ABOUT TO EXPLODE - A city in chaos. But just how much chaos?
THE BIBLE BASHER - A cautionary tale on choosing your words carefully.
MONEY FOR OLD ROPE - Scrap metal can be a very lucrative business. If you know where to go.