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Welcome to UnluckySun.com
The Premier resource for people who landed here by chance, by someone who landed here by chance.

UnluckySun.com's dedicated staff have a combined total of around 4 to 43 years of collective web experience, starting with the sincere belief that the web shouldn't be a difficult place to navigate. This was in a garden shed, and it was a lot of web. Now, in the 21st century of random literary meanderings, we bring you a resource we are sure will provide you with untold and unnamed levels of entertainment, knowledge sharing, bric-a-brac and opinions.

Think of UnluckySun.com as somewhere between the BBC's news website, Facebook, an old office full of long-forgotten files that predate the biro, and the very edges of the universe viewed by the Hubble telescope if someone accidentally smeared a bit of butter on the lens.

Why not take a moment to view some of our amazing features:
  • Easy-to-navigate state-of-the-art guidance tabs to full features.
  • Daily updates.*
  • Fully interactive pages.
  • Faith healing.
  • Bring-and-buy stall (every 2nd Sunday)
  • Current news and events analyzed with, poor grammar.
  • Stories, poetry and music.
  • Professional water network leak detection advice and general head-nodding (frowning extra).
Go ahead: enjoy!

Ed Henderson - UnluckySun.com CEO

*Note: Daily updates may actually refer to "updated during a day", and may actually only take place on a weekly/monthly/annual/random basis. Broad references to the requirements of anyone viewing this page, or any of the subsequent linked pages will be self evident. References to Slayer, Bill Hicks, Vauxhall Chevettes and broadly socialist social outlook appear with the expressed written consent of Reverend Vikram Tumultuous DFC